Cleopella Cat Fanciers
of Estonia on maailma suurima tõukasside organisatsiooni
The Cat Fanciers' Association liige:

12th American CFA CAT SHOW in Tallinn
November 3-4, 2018 Tallinn, Estonia

6 AB rings with 4 AB/LH/SH Super Speciality rings for Championship!


Judges on Saturday:

Darrell Newkirk (USA – LH/SH/AB)
Peter Vanwonterghem (Belgium – AB)
Yanina L. Vanwonterghem (Belgium – AB)

Judges on Sunday:

Barbara Jaeger (USA – LH/SH/AB)
Pam Delabar (Finland/ USA – LH/SH/AB)
Satu Hämäläinen GJ (Fife) (Finland – LH/SH/AB)

Entry fees:

First entry incl. catalogue 70 €
Club members and newbies first entry incl. catalogue 65 €
2. and 3. entry from same owner 60 €
Club members: 2. and 3. entry 55 €
Family Package (4 cats same owner) incl. catalogue 220 €
5th and more entries from same owner 35 €
Miscellaneous Class (New Breed - LYKOI) 40€
TRN (Temporary Registration Number) 15 €
Household pets 35 €
Exhibition Only 30 €
Double cage / Grooming space 20 €
Club members: Double cage / Grooming space 15 €
Club provided cage (if needed) 5 €
CFA and Region Fee, each cat 3 €
Paypal Fee 5 €
Payment of the Entry Fee at the Entrance 10 € *

Concerning CFA Show Rule 6.21 all entries must be paid in full within 10 days of receipt or prior to the start of the show. Only after full payment the entry will be confirmed!
* Exhibitors who are from countries where Euro is not used as a local currency (eg Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, USA) may pay their entry fees at check in at show hall on Saturday morning without any additional fees.


Early Bird discount until September 10th!
5€ off on first three entries (each).
Early Bird entry fee must be received by September 11th.


SEB, Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE721010220081809016
Beneficiary: MTÜ Cleopella Cat Fanciers of Estonia

Entry and Master Clerk:

Henny Wintershoven, Lekoord 47, 3448 VS Woerden, Netherlands, +31348419087,

Entry limit:

160 cats. Closing date October 29 or as soon as 160 cats are entered. No cancellations after October 11.

Online entry:

Show hall:

The Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
Narva rd 95, Tallinn, Estonia

Show manager:

Triin Simmulson, +372 52 00 583,

Show hours:

Open for public: Saturday 11-17, Sunday 10-16
Check in: Saturday 8:45-9:45, Sunday 8-9
Judging: Saturday 10:15-18, Sunday 9-17

Sanitary requirements:

This is a non-vetted show. Vaccinations will be checked at check-in. Bring your vaccination records with you. All cats present in the show hall must be vaccinated against feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses and rabies. No kitten under the age of 4 months will be allowed in the show hall.

Catalogue advertisements:

Full page size A4 - 25€, half page size A5 - 15€.

Additional information:

There are only a limited number of chairs available at show hall.

Show hotel -> ORU HOTEL Next to showhall (100m)
27 rooms available for us with following prices:
SGL 62€ and TWIN 72€. Price includes 2 cats for free!
3rd and 4th cat: 9 eur/per cat.
Buffet breakfast, WiFi and parking included.

SGL 50€ and TWIN 55€. Price per cat/per night 10€.
Buffet breakfast, WiFi and parking included.


(near Tallinn harbour/ near Old town)
SGL 70€ and TWIN 75€. Price per cat/per night 20 €.
Buffet breakfast, WiFi.
Parking 15€/per night in hotel garage or 3.50€/24h
in EuroPark next to the hotel.


(in ferry terminal/ near Old town)
SGL 55€ and TWIN 60€. Price per cat/per night 10€.
Buffet breakfast, WiFi and parking included if available space
in front of hotel or 15€/per night in garage.

ATTENTION! PLEASE MENTION reservation code “Cleopella”! Make your reservation directly to the hotel. CAN`T BE BOOKED VIA BOOKING SITES! -> -> You will not get Cleopella benefits or price!

Ring sponsoring available with your Cattery name displayed on rosettes and rings!